Whatever we dwell on is being created. How we think and what we imagine creates what we experience. Nothing could be more accurate and essential to understanding experiences.

When we dwell on “the sky is falling,” one aspect of our life or another begins to fall apart. We see obstacles. When we dream big, opportunities present themselves. This is not logical, but it is very intuitive,

Self-awareness is critical to success. Most important is to be aware of our perspective. What are we thinking? If our thoughts are negative, we are not going to achieve what’s in our heart. When we entertain negative thoughts or perspectives, we must change our thinking before those thoughts manifest.

We can change our perspective. We can change our point of view. When we do this, we begin to see changes in our life. Sometimes it feels like a miracle. Other times everything changes and we wonder,  “What was I worried about? Things are fine.”

Self-awareness requires a commitment to knowing ourselves and understanding that we create our reality.  So what do you want your day and your life to be? Imagine that in your mind’s eye. Feel yourself having it. Do not give attention, thoughts, or energy to anything that takes you off the vision of the life you desire.  Stay focused and allow it to manifest.  Take ownership of your thoughts and perspective.

Imagine what is possible.