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Business owners begin with the dream of owning a business to give them the freedom and income to have a great life. When reality is different from their vision, owners wonder what needs to change or what they need to do differently?

A business is a reflection of the owner:

  • How an owner thinks.
  • What they believe.
  • How they feel about each aspect of their business.

To achieve that original vision means the change begins within. That may not be logical, but it is very intuitive.

Do you have a clear vision for the business you own?

Working hard and being busy will not get you where you want to be. When you have a clear vision of the business you are creating, then every decision you make and action you take is designed to get there.

How does the business feel to you right now?

If something does not feel right, pushing harder, ignoring the feeling, or hoping things will turn around does not change anything. If something does not feel right, it is time to stop, step back, reconnect to your business vision, and create a new strategy. Ask for help.

What do you believe is possible or impossible?

Thoughts are creative. Nothing is impossible unless we believe that to be true. Holding unproductive beliefs creates failure and frustration. How are you getting in your way? How do you have to change? Ask for insights to clear your thinking.

Self-awareness is part of your journey toward success. Intuitive business coaching helps

  • Have a three-to-five-year vision and see it clearly in your mind’s eye.
  • Clear your thinking of perceived limitations.
  • Stay connected to who you are at your core so that your business gives you the life you desire.
  • Create a plan to achieve your vision.
  • Set metrics to measure progress and see what is in the way from both a logical and intuitive perspective.
  • Develop business strategies to achieve your goals.

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 Business Coaching> Navigating Change

Meeting with Kay at the "seams" of one work engagement and the next helps me navigate change. She points out the differences between new challenges and old patterns so I move forward in a more thoughtful way.

 Business Coaching> Invaluable Coach

Having been a CEO for over 15 years I questioned how much I could benefit from a business coach. Kay comes highly recommended so I decided to contact her. I am very glad I did. She is highly experienced and pulls from her vast knowledge and extraordinary intuition to provide valuable insight and counseling. I have come to depend on Kay and consider her an invaluable part of my company’s success. I would highly recommend Kay Robinson.

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