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As a coach and consultant, Kay has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide for more than 20 years, offering insight, providing new ways to approach success, and business development from strategic and intuitive perspectives.

InSight Intuitive Consulting evolved from experiences that showed there was more going on than could be explained logically. “I realized through my work that how people thought about their lives is how they created their lives. Our work and life were truly a reflection of us.” Kay Robinson

After working as a director in the largest non-profit in California, Kay decided to work with people focused on success. In 1992, Kay founded InSight Intuitive Consulting, a company designed to support business owners, professionals, and individuals worldwide committed to creating successful work and personal lives. Her approach is intuitive at its core.

“We have to change how we think, to change what we have.”
— Kay Robinson

Giving back to the business community is important to Kay. Her involvement includes membership in the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Women Business Owners (Past President NAWBO-San Francisco Bay Area. Past President NAWBO Entrepreneurs Economic Institute. Past Board Member & Secretary NAWBO-California)

In 1999, Kay and her husband, Michael Ching, started another business, GRANTAVE PRODUCTIONS & CASTING, an award-winning, innovative video production, digital arts, and principal casting agency.

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