What if I suggested that you stop trying to solve problems? You would think I was absurd. What if I mean to stop solving problems?
From an intuitive perspective, we create experiences through our thoughts, beliefs, and memories. Our lives reflect everything that is in us. In my work with business owners, professionals, and individuals, I note differences in how everyone views their circumstances. Some always seem to have problems to solve while others do not. Some spend their time and energy trying to solve problems while others spend their time and energy creating what they want in life. Their perspective creates everything they experience.
There are differences in how we use our energy and how we each see the world. The way we focus our energy creates how we see the world. A problem in our lives is simply a reflection of something with our space, energy, or belief.
In sessions with clients, I hear myself asking them, “Why do you believe that is true?” They insist that it is true as if it was true for everyone. When I respond that it is not true for me, that is just what they believe to be true. They are stunned. The goal is to become aware that our life is a reflection of us. We each have a different point of view and we can change it to have more of the life we want.
When we experience a problem, we can become analytical, create thoughts, and add energy to the problem. An old saying comes to mind, “Making a mountain out of a molehill.”
Problems are a reflection of something in us. Rather than analyze the problem or try to solve it, the first step is to stop thinking and take our attention off the problem.   We can focus our attention on ourselves. Focusing on ourselves requires getting quiet to become self-aware and discover why we created this experience.  Most often, we are trying to create something that we want in our life.
Problems are not a coincidence. They are opportunities to reveal something about us. What if we took a different point of view? What if this problem is showing us about ourselves? What is the problem showing what we need to change in us?
Rather than solving a problem, try another perspective. Get quiet, go within and ask yourself in your heart, “What is the goal I need to achieve or the change I want to create?”
Focusing on solving a problem puts our attention outside ourselves. That problem will keep appearing until we change something in us. When we focus on ourselves, we can create a change in ourselves that removes the need for the problem. Ask yourself at your core, “What is the goal I want to achieve or the change I want to make?” Take that step and experience your ability to create the life you desire.