When I began conducting retreats for women achieving their goals I learned quickly the difference achieving goals versus focusing on vision.   After the first 10 day retreat in 1996 I heard from several women how surprised they were and how quickly the goals they wrote actually manifested especially those they did not expect.  They also pointed out how surprised they were that now that they had achieved their goals they were not happy.

The light bulb went off in my head.   From that moment I started to redesign my approach, programs and curriculum to support a woman’s vision of success personally and professionally.  I realized that we are good at writing goals and pretty good at getting them for the most part.  Women are not so focused on their vision of success which is so much more.  We are taught to achieve and to be successful but by what measure.

In my work with women it is a bit harder to know their vision of success based on who they are and what they value.  I call this inspired success.  It has more to do with what is within us.  Once we know who we are and what we value (within us) then we can create that vision in our lives, our work and our world.

To know this about ourselves means letting go of all the expectations we have in our space.  Then we have to get quiet and clear our mind so that we can meditate on and get to know what we value and what is important to us.  From there all the decisions that we make and actions we take support those values and form our vision of success.

I invite you to comment on whether you have a vision of success for yourself, if you are happy just achieving goals or what you know about these choices.

Best wishes on your success, Kay