The Life You Desire

Helping women to achieve their goals and live the life they desire is my life’s work. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than hearing about your success. On the other side, I am curious about what gets in the way of achieving something you set out to achieve.

When I started the Women Achieving Goals program years (ok – decades) ago, I was focused on goals. Women achieved their goals but found that they did not make them happy. When we reach one goal, we are already looking for the next, so achieving a goal was not the answer. It became apparent that women were searching for the life they dreamed of having. With this insight, we began to focus on our vision for the life we desired. When we look at our life as a whole, see it in our mind’s eye, that life begins to manifest.

Most women’s first challenge is to know then see, in their mind’s eye, what they want. We are so busy living the life we have that women found it difficult to stop, clear their thinking, find their space, and see clearly. Retreats are a great way of accomplishing this. We get out of our lives and our routine to reconnect with ourselves and imagine the next cycle of our lives.

Once we see the life we desire, that vision begins to manifest, and this is where it gets dicey. Can we have the life we desire? We may want it but wanting is different from having. When we are in the space of wanting, our vision is always in the future to create wanting. This is not logical, but it is very intuitive. For the life we envision to manifest, we must be in the space of having it, which requires change.

The life that we have now reflects our thoughts, pictures, emotions, and energy. If we want a new reality, we have to change how we think, act, respond and feel about each aspect of our lives. This kind of change requires a commitment to self-awareness, allowing the discomfort that change requires, and adopting an intuitive perspective. You can start now, and it is an ongoing process of change to create the life you desire.

Quiet meditation in which you go within is an important step. Quiet your space, focus on yourself, say hello to yourself, reflect on the life you desire, and see how you are in the way of that. This may not be comfortable at first, but daily meditation to become more self-aware creates the life you desire.