We have desires. We are women. There is the life we desire. We forget those desires. We give up on one or another of them. We forget and give up because we simply don’t know how to make it part of our lives. Not knowing does not mean it is not possible.

Often that desire has been with us so long that we are used to not having it. We stop imaging it in our lives. We give up. What if we don’t have to know HOW to make something happen? What if there is a different way?

Let me suggest an intuitive way of creating. Go within and ask yourself. What is the life you desire? Notice how you react to your question. Release all the energy we hold in our space and make us uncomfortable. This energy only gets in our way. It serves no purpose. We do not need to hold onto energy. It is from the past, and we are in the present. Creating only happens in the now.

Ask the question again and quietly listen to yourself. Do not think about it. When we change our attention to our mind, we have lost the connection with our core – core means heart. We can say the life we desire or our heart’s desire. Stay out of your thoughts. Notice how you feel at your core.

Spend as much time as is required to see, feel and know clearly, the life you desire. Do not worry about how to make it happen. Know your vision and commit to it. Stay committed. Each day take one step toward the life you desire by making decisions that support that life. Get out of routines and other unconscious habits. Continue to let go of beliefs and get in your way. Each day ask yourself what you can do to move toward the life you desire.

Gradually you will experience changes in your life as your life unfolds in new ways to give you what you desire. This does not require effort or big decisions on your part, but it does require a clear vision and a commitment to changing from where you are to where you want to be.