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When frustrated that your business is not larger notice where you spend your time. On a day to day basis are you focused on doing things or are you focused on what you can create?

Knowing where we place our attention and efforts tells us precisely what we are creating. Dr. Fred co-medical director complains that the clinic is not growing. When asked he admits that he spends most of the time where he is comfortable, treating patients. Dr. Fred is not spending time showing leadership or having strategic conversations with his co-Medical Director on how to innovate the clinic.

Sarah owns a telecommunications company and is frustrated by her role and her company’s growth even though they are profitable. When asked she admits that she spends too much time jumping in to solve a client problem, getting new customers and not anytime on strategic thinking and how to make her company run more profitably. Sarah admits that she does not know how to manage staff, design systems to create consistent results, so she is always putting out fires.

Jeff owns a data consultancy.  He and his wife are frustrated by the lack of growth when they provide a service their clients love. Even their customers ask why they are not bigger. Jeff admits he spends too much time in the trenches and not enough time building a business. He likes solving client problems and has less confidence creating a business that solves problems. He is worried that his highly skilled staff will leave if he cannot pay them better.  Jeff knows he has to change but does not know where to start.

Carol owns an accounting firm that grew the first five years rapidly then stopped. Carol admits that she did well when they were small but as they grew she learned that she does not know how to lead, is a terrible manager and would rather close her door and do tax returns for their clients.These stories are about people who are good at what they do so they succeeded at first then growth stopped. They started with a good idea, a great product or service and took care of their clients. As they grew, the needs for leadership changed. The staff no longer needed a leader was doing work with them. They needed someone to innovate and develop systems for staff to do the work of the business.

Owners who do not allow the change in their role own a company that does not alter. Jeff said that he did not want his business to Grow, Grow, Grow, Gone because he did not do what it takes to learn how to lead a company that produces the work.

Businesses stay where they are because the owner stays where they are. The company only really changes when the owner changes their perspective on the business and their role in it. Owners often resist this because they do not know how to change or how to do things differently.  They stay in old routines when getting out of their comfort zone is desperately needed. Change begins by not doing the work of the business but leading and managing the work of the business.

Owning a business large or small is a journey in self-discovery and takes commitment to change.  Getting to a place where you are ready to get help when you do not know what and how to change is the first step. You will know when you are ready to commit to a more strategic point of view. It is always possible to move a company from where it is even if it is hard to see that from the trenches.

If you are ready for change and want help, there are resources available. If you would like to discuss the changes you would like to see in your business, contact me. I would love to hear your story and see how I can help.  The first step is your commitment to change.

Best wishes,  Kay

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