There is no mystery.  When we are not manifesting one aspect of our life or another, it’s because we are getting in the way.

It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Our life is always a reflection of us, so to achieve a goal or manifest something, the change begins within us.

Notice I used the word “within.” I use that term because the change that is needed is not logical. If it were, you would have solved it by now.


Thoughts Get in the Way

Most often, we are not aware of how we are getting in the way of having something that we want in our lives.

Nor are we deliberating doing so, but we create stories around why we don’t have this or don’t have that. We get in the way with our thinking.

Whatever we believe is manifested.

So, our thinking gets in the way of having a goal.


Body & Emotions Get in the Way

Our bodies and emotions react to everything. When we think about a goal we want to achieve, if we pay attention, we will notice that we have a physical reaction to the idea of it.

Bodies hate change, so if it feels uncomfortable, we can get distracted from achieving a goal.


Resisting Change Gets in the Way

Deciding to achieve a goal or bring a new aspect to our lives means things will change. Our perspective on change will determine if our goal manifests. To create something new means being willing to allow change. This means a change in our routine, the familiar, and our habits.

If we are resistant to change, this resistance gets in the way of a goal manifesting.


Lack of Focus Gets in the Way

Finally, we cannot be scattered, meaning that we need enough of our lifeforce energy in present time focused on our goal for it to manifest. If our attention and energy are focused outside of ourselves, we may not have enough energy to create the desired change.


Next Steps

  • Meditate or reflect on the goal you want to manifest. See yourself having this in your life right now – not in the future.
  • Take care of your body to keep the energy high enough to allow change.
  • Change how you think and create thoughts that support the goal you are manifesting.
  • Allow change.
  • Stop controlling your life and let it flow.