InSight Intuitive Consulting

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“Moving beyond
limiting beliefs
to create more.”

“Learning to trust
your intuition to make
the right decisions.”

“Nothing is impossible with confidence and a vision.”

“A high
performing team
you can trust.”

The Approach

My approach focuses on using intuition and strategic thinking to create a business or career that serves your life. The approach begins with awareness and seeing how everything is a reflection of us then a commitment to your vision of success.


Business Coaching

Business owners begin with the dream of owning a business to give them the freedom and income to have a great life and a company they are proud to lead. When reality is different from their vision, owners wonder what needs to change or what they need to do differently? I'm here to help.

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Professional & Executive Coaching

A profession in which you feel valued and express who you are is different from having a job. How professionals experience their work is a reflection of how they think about themselves. Thoughts are creative. Beliefs manifest. It may not be logical, but it is very intuitive.

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Women Achieving

Women create and experience life in a uniquely different way than men. Recognizing and owning those differences gives us the space to express and share ourselves to create the life we desire.

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Meditation is a time to stop, come back to ourselves, and reconnect with who we are at our core. Meditation is essential to stay true to ourselves, know our path forward, and clear the distractions that divert our focus and awareness from what is true for us.

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About Kay

A coach, consultant, and intuitive

“My goal is for you to achieve your vision of success – personally and professionally, to enjoy who you are and what you do.”

As a business coach and consultant, Kay has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide for more than 20 years, offering insight, providing new ways to approach success, business development, and life from logical and intuitive perspectives.

Be Inspired

Free resources to guide and inspire you in using your intuition. Access videos, podcasts, meditation recordings, webinar/workshop recordings, and articles.


Women Achieving Goals

Women create in a uniquely feminine way. Let’s look at how women create success and the life they desire.

Intuition in Life & Success

My goal is your success using both intuition and strategic thinking. We will look at ways to use intuition to create a successful business and career.


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