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Business & Professional Resources

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Trends in Business

The biggest change in the culture of business is social, mobile and global marketing.  This change is powered by increasing use of the internet and online resources including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others.

Being social and mobile is no longer something businesses can decide whether to join.  Online social media is the new word of mouth marketing.  There are many resources to understand and engage in a paradigm shift.  Here is one resource The End of Business As Usual by Brian Solis.


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The Month's Featured Resource

Kiva Zip is looking to support small business owners and entrepreneurs here in California.

Kiva Zip's microloans, which can be up to $10,000 paid back over 1 to 3 years, are made at 0% interest (with no hidden fees), and they are crowdfunded by Kiva's community of over a million individual lenders, who lend in increments as small as $5! Kiva's lenders are not looking for a financial return, but they lend to support the creation and growth of small businesses in their neighborhoods, or because they empathize with the story or cause of the borrower they're supporting. What's more, many of these lenders might become customers or brand ambassadors for the businesses they are lending to.

Unlike other small business lenders, Kiva Zip focuses a lot less on conventional financial metrics to assess loans -- credit score, cash flow, collateral, etc. Instead, Kiva Zip makes lending decisions based on the character and trust network of the borrower. In this way, they are looking to revolutionize the way that small business owners in America access the capital they need to invest in their businesses.

Kiva Zip lenders just funded their 250th small business here in California, and they have now supported over 800 throughout the United States.  or Zip Kiva


Intuition in Business Blog

iStock 000022916354SmallThere is a logical practical side to success.  There is a lot of information available from that valuable perspective.  


In this blog, I speak to the intuitive side of decision making and creating success » read more 


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mk.0674.v2_Kayc   I created InSight Intuitive Consulting to support successful people. My focus is on you achieving your vision of success based on what you value, enjoying who you are and what you do. ยป read more