Recommended Companies

In my work as a business coach and business owner, I come across a few remarkable companies.  I have begun to share these gems with you.


Bonzzu is a custom software development and creative design company that provides advanced solutions for businesses small and large.  They have come to my rescue many times with both companies I own.  Best in customer service.

Couch & Associates, Inc. is a team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents, who specialize in your unique business tax, accounting and personal needs.

Kevin Ng Photography Kevin Ng is a San Francisco photographer who specializes in location, still and people photography for design, editorial, and commercial projects.


Intuition in Business Blog

iStock 000022916354SmallThere is a logical practical side to success.  There is a lot of information available from that valuable perspective.  


In this blog, I speak to the intuitive side of decision making and creating success » read more 


About Kay Robinson

mk.0674.v2_Kayc   I created InSight Intuitive Consulting to support successful people. My focus is on you achieving your vision of success based on what you value, enjoying who you are and what you do. ยป read more