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business_pros_abstractWant clarity of purpose? 

What is your vision of success?


There are no mysteries.  It is easy to understand and explain our life, our work and our experiences.  Sometimes we benefit from communication that helps us regain our perspective.


I offer insight from an intuitive perspective that you can use to guide the decisions you make and the actions that you take. 

My goal is your success!


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"To Kay Robinson, who was my goals counselor throughout the formation of this book.  She was the fixed point on the horizon, like a lighthouse, with whom I found my bearings in the sometimes rough seas of my creative process."  Laura Hansen, author Amazon bestseller, Hand Me a Wrench, My Life is Out of Whack"

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Intuition in Business Blog

iStock 000022916354SmallThere is a logical practical side to success.  There is a lot of information available from that valuable perspective.  


In this blog, I speak to the intuitive side of decision making and creating success » read more 


About Kay Robinson

mk.0674.v2_Kayc   I created InSight Intuitive Consulting to support successful people. My focus is on you achieving your vision of success based on what you value, enjoying who you are and what you do. ยป read more