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Inspired Success means success based on who you are and what you value.  I call it Bootcamp because I push you further than you are now and out of your comfort zone toward your vision of success.


Achieving goals begins with knowing your vision of success.  From there, goals are created to achieve that vision.


Growing numbers of professionals are engaging a mentor or coach to support them in manifesting their goals personally and professionally. 


Coaching helps to clearly define your vision, the goals to get there, what is in your way and a plan to move through perceived or real limits.


I offer an intuitive style of coaching.  This approach encourages you to use information and sound logic as well as your intuition.  In this way, you will know for certain the choices that best support you.


Bootcamp means I push you to get out of your own way.


Kay  brings a depth of insight and awareness to her coaching which is truly unique.  Working with Kay is akin to re-orienting yourself back to your own inner compass and moving forward from there.  Her special gift of supporting the alignment of action with vision has helped me to create my own business with a sense of purpose, clarity and commitment.  Over the years, I have recommended InSight Intuitive Consulting to a number of family members and colleagues; and I highly recommend Kay’s InSight to you as well.  She is steady, clear, neutral when necessary and always supportive, when and where it counts.     
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