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dreamstime man meditating 5645730A Live Meditation is conducted each Monday at 6 PM Pacific.  It is a simple, intuitive style of meditation designed for those focused on success personally and professionally.

Below you will find the edited recordings of these Meditations. You can purchase individual recordings or a series. You can also subscribe to the entire archives for a month or more. During your subscription period you have access to the entire library, some of which are listed below.


The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. – Confucius


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Balance Creates Success

Imagine Big!

Success with Grace

Have Certainty Meditation Series

Miracles Meditation Series

The Energy of "NO!"

Having a Clear Perspective

The Art of Manifesting Series I

The Value of Who
You Are & What You Do

Having Money Series

Right Decision Making Series

Clear Communication - A Basis for Success

Creating Real Change Part I

Your State of Wellness & Success

Creating Success

Your DNA & Business Success

The Emotional Side of Business Series

Grounding Your Vision

Being Present to Be Successful

Creating Real Change Part II

The Art of Manifesting Series II

Getting Out of Our Own Way


The Power to Create

Enthusiasm is Important for Success

The Miracle of Neutrality

Setting The Energy for Success

Don't Do It Alone

Self- Expression for Success

Havingness Is .... Part I

Havingness is .... Part II

Happiness Is ......

Financial Wellness - Part I

Financial Wellness - Part II

Manifest Now - Not in the Future

Be Enlightened

Clearing the Negative 

Be Well & Be Successful

Fifth Chakra - Express Yourself

Creating Change By Getting Unstuck

Enthusiasm for Success


Your Ability to Have

Those Darn Cycles

Be Present.  Create Now.

I Can See It Now!

Gratitude for Success




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