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dreamstime_xs_New_22763288   Listen to One Minute Meditation on Being Present

Before you begin, find a quiet and comfort place to sit.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and relax focusing on yourself then follow the meditation as recorded.

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“Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional  well-being and your overall health.”

- Mayo Clinic

The benefits of meditation are many and more are being discovered. Reducing stress is well documented.

Brain health has also been researched. Article: Meditation Strengthens the Brain (article on BeWell)

Clarity and gaining perspective are immediate benefits. Intuition in Business Blog: Meditation & the Workplace


" I have been working with Kay on advanced meditation topics for about a year and a half. Her guidance is clear and effective, and she has a well-developed ability to be present with clients while they learn and grow."  Bruce


Ways to experience or learn meditation:

  • Join Live Online Meditation:  Join these guided meditations. No experience is required.

    • Mondays 6 PM Pacific Time online or call in. Register for full hour (or free half-hour).

  • Listen to meditation recordings: Listen online to recordings of Live Meditations.  Use them to guide your own meditation.

  • Purchase meditations 

  • Listen to Free Five-Minute Meditations: Take five minutes and use these recordings to guide you in a five-minute meditation.  It makes a difference!  These meditations can be found in the Free Stuff area.  Just Login/Register.  Click on Add A Membership on the right side bar.  Add Free Stuff Membership.

  • Schedule a session to learn the basics of meditation - Schedule a half-hour time to learn meditation one on one.  Select Personal then 1/2 Hour Session.


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