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8 pond editiedMeditation has long been used for relaxation and to increase awareness.  You will see meditation used to alleviate physical conditions, as well as emotional stresses.  Successful people are finding the benefit of meditation as well.  It helps them clear their thinking, release stress and gain perspective.


Businesses are starting to provide meditation as a staff benefit during work hours to improve employee performance, creativity and to improve the work environment. Meditation has become a common practice so why is it so hard to get started and stay with it.  It is hard to stop, to quiet the body and clear our thinking.  We are so programmed to be busy all the time.


The most significant benefit of meditation is that it calms the body and clears our thinking. The results are noticeable if not dramatic.

There are many forms of meditation.  Meditation is easy  to do but hard to get started because it requires us to stop, to quiet our body and clear our thinking.   We are so busy being and doing that to stop seems impossible and yet it is precisely what each of us needs every day.

These successful people find the time to meditate.


"Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I've had," Ray Dalio, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater Associates, in conversation at the John Main Centre for Meditation and Inter-Religious Dialogue at Georgetown University.


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